1. CCS

Customized Comprehensive Command And Control Solutions

The purpose of Command And Control is to give the clients the ability to easily toggle between and access information available from multiple surveillance sensors enabling Complete Situational Awareness. A well integrated ‘Display Wall’ comprising multiple video screens capable of simultaneous display of information from various sources forms the central part of the Command and Control Solution.Multiple operator consoles allowing easy access & close scrutiny of the situations developing outside with minimal transactional friction forms part of the system.

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2. DDS 360M/F

Drone Detection System

DDS 360 is a Real Time Drone Detection System which is based on Continuous Radio Frequency Tracking of Drone Signatures using high resolution 360 Degree RF Sensor and Real Time Processing Acquisition Hardware. The System detects the incursion of unwanted Drones, based on the directional real-time measurement of the electromagnetic emission of Drones. It warns the operator or RF Command Control when Drones are in the area and send automatic alerts.

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Real  Time Facial Recognition Solutions

Real Time Facial Recognition is the one of the least invasive biometrics, since data is captured effortlessly and generally involves no user interaction. MS RTFR detects multiple faces in real-time, incorporates on-the-fly video enrolment, identifies previously trained individuals, and facilities run-time management of alarms and individuals. Cameras to recognize the faces of blacklisted people.

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4. VA360M

Visual Accident Investigation

MSVA360M –a High Resolution Optical Investigation System with integrated GPS and High End Road Mapping software is optimized and designed to meet multiple applications such as Accident Investigations, Road and Highways Survey, Traffic Analysis and Wide Area Persistent Surveillance.

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5. TSR 360L

Thermal Radar

TSR 360L is a ‘Real Time Wide Area Surveillance’ system. It is a high-resolution panoramic thermal camera, acting as infrared radar. It features the latest innovations in thermal sensing, and exhibits the highest performance in its category. A single sensor can perform 24/7 scanning & surveillance. Alerts on intrusions over several kilometers of area with Zone Wise Detection are generated by the Radar.

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6. LR 360-S

Long Range Steerable 24/7

LR 360-S offers Long Range Night Vision imaging using a unique, state-of-the-art Infrared illuminator technology. It allows early detection and identification of objects with greater visibility up to miles away in complete darkness.

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